Bulletproof Tiger

TGR 2014_12 Lenzman squareNatural Selection at Slake – NYC
TGRdnb Radikal Styles 7Radikal Styles – Bogotá, Colombia razwebster3Girls & Boys at Webster Hall – NYC
tgr_rawprocessRaw Process at Ella Lounge – NYC hustling_9Cameo in Hustling – NYC

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How does an ass-kicking, crowd-pleasing, rock-n-roll chica spin drum and bass?

Like this: I get feet tappin’ and heads bobbin’ with the freshest and hottest crowd-pleasers in the dnb scene – everything from heavy rollers to smooth liquid and back again.
It’s my honor and pleasure to get any room rockin’ – all day and all night!

If you’re into dnb and having a great time  –
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