Blair Brienza
t h e y / h e

Screen & Stage

You may have seen Blair attempt annihilation on Lucifer's series finale, or on The Blacklist's Season 7 finale. Dig deeper and you'll find characters like a reptilian bassist (LES Asides) and a pregnant recovering addict (Spring Street). An ongoing collaboration with improv-focused filmmaker Daniel Kremer has resulted in seven films so far, with characters ranging from a wide-eyed New York noob (A Simple Game of Catch) to a con artist in entertainment inspired by Marie Castaldo (Even Just).

In apocalyptic short film Prime Matter, Blair's character Celia is stuck between their frantic sister and a free shuttle bus. Blair was also Prime Matter's cowriter and sound editor.

As an action actor with a bevy of stunt performer credits, Blair is likely to be seen climbing, falling, and driving like crazy on screen.

Blair sports a BFA from CalArts, with New York training from Apartment 929, The Barrow Group, and Brad Calcaterra's Studio.

Drum & Bass

Inspired by the groove of triphop, the energy of big beat and the soul of jungle, TGRbass djs basslines and breakbeats ranging from their electronic roots in drum n bass to their constant forage for future sounds. TGR spent twelve years djing and partythrowing in NYC’s most notorious basements and lofts, and in venues like Elsewhere, Good Room, Webster Hall, LPR and The Lot Radio. Now the TGR has landed in Los Angeles, ready to energize the dancefloor when the time arrives.

TGR and Illexxandra create playfully genderfluid music as Ajazent, with releases on Black Marble Collective’s RAVETOOLZ and District 160’s BREATHE.

TGR and Billy Deez join forces as TankTop NYC; catch ‘em live on DNBRadio every Monday 4-5PM ET/1-2PM PT.

TGR’s mission is to advance equity toward BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ presence and leadership in heteronormative electronic genres, including drum and Bass.

Rock & Roll

Tiger is a musician powered by Memphis groove, New York energy, and Los Angeles swagger. Classical piano training led to mallet percussion, rock n roll led to bass guitar, and church choir led to a powerful voice ready to harmonize.

Tiger rocks out on bass guitar and vocals as Tiger. With flavors of hair rock, riot grrl, and punk, their original music is big and often funny. In NYC, Tiger contributed bass, vocals and songwriting to bands like Sumpumps, Just Fabulous & Sababa, playing in like in venues like Niagara, Otto's Shrunken Head, Mercury Lounge, Trash Bar, and Kenny's Castaways. Always quick to shift genres, Tiger also played and sang in Vasthy Mompoint’s folk-inspired band at venues like 54 Below and Bowery Poetry Club.